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Review: A Deadly Blessing (LAPD Detective Maddie Divine) by Kathy Bennett (3 stars)

When the Governor of California’s daughter is kidnapped, the LAPD’s Maddie Divine is set the task of finding her. But Maddie has problems of her own, as her husband seems to be cracking up and she’s not even sure she can trust her partner any more. Will Maddie be able to overcome all these obstacles, … Continue reading

Review: Maybe (A Donovan Creed Novel) by John Locke (4 stars)

There’s poison in the air as a crazed chemist sets out to unleash a toxic attack on America. With the US President himself needing answers, Donovan Creed is called into action to solve the problem. But Creed has some problems of his own, particularly concerning his own family. Maybe might not be the most compelling … Continue reading

Review: The Skull Ring by Scott Nicholson (4 stars)

When Julia Stone was four years old, she experienced a bizarre ritual that seemed to result in the disappearance of her father. Twenty-three years later, Dr. Pamela Forrest is determined to uncover the truth about that night, and to see if she can find a way to help Julia overcome her panic disorder. But is … Continue reading

Review: Don’t Know Jack (The Hunt For Reacher Series #1) by Diane Capri (3 stars)

Someone is hunting Jack Reacher, and he – not surprisingly – want to know who, and why. The mystery deepens as Reacher realises his life is in danger. With reference to earlier Reacher stories, Don’t Know Jack (The Hunt For Reacher Series #1) also comes at a time when the franchise looks set for a … Continue reading

Review: Resurrected (An Adam Wolf Thriller) by Steve Trotter (4.5 stars)

Adam Wolf has only just retired from a ‘killer’ career when he finds himself being targeted by a shadowy crime family. Testifying against the killer of a top crime reporter, Wolf is forced to defend himself against a series of attacks. Finally, the black ops vet sets out to stop his tormentors once and for … Continue reading

Review: Nerves of Steel (Hart and Drake #1) by C.J. Lyons (3.5 stars)

Dr. Cassie Hart finds herself in mortal danger after she traces a dangerous new drug back to her own hospital. With young patients overdosing on the mysterious FX substance, Cassie teams up with Detective Mickey Drake and their relationship soon goes far beyond the point of professionalism. A fast-paced thriller, Nerves of Steel (Hart and … Continue reading

Review: River Ghosts by B.R. Robb (4.5 stars)

Richard Hill was just eight years old when he watched his parents being brutally murdered by Henry Clayton. But now, sixteen years later, DNA evidence seems to prove conclusively that Clayton is innocent. Returning to Red River Falls, Clayton offers to help Richard find the real killer. But Richard remains convinced that Clayton was the … Continue reading

Review: Callie’s Last Dance (A Donovan Creed Novel) by John Locke (4.5 stars)

A pretty complex tale, Callie’s Last Dance sees Sensory Resources trying to find a new agency director following the death of Lou Kelly, while Donovan Creed gets closer to Callie Carpenter and a young girl plots to get to the top in Vegas. Fans of Locke’s Donovan Creed character will be pleased to know that … Continue reading

Review: The Mind Thieves by Lori Brighton (3 stars)

Cameron Winters has an unusual ability: she can read the thoughts of other people. But she soon discovers that dangerous forces are trying to exploit her abilities, and before long Cameron is being forced to confront some surprising truths about her own life, including the possibility that her long-lost father might actually be alive. The … Continue reading

Review: Project Moses by Robert B. Lowe (3 stars)

When investigative reporter Enzo Lee starts to investigate the unexplained deaths of a local judge and a key prosecutor, he finds himself drawn into a deadly bioterrorism cover-up. Falling in with the judge’s niece, Sarah, Enzo finds himself up against people who will do anything – including kill – to keep their secrets hidden. Project … Continue reading

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