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North Korea launches its own e-reader: meet the Arirang

While is still be a pipedream, the North Korean ebook market looks set for a boost with the imminent launch of the Arirang e-reader. Created by the Pyongyang Information Technology Bureau, the device has apparently been paraded on North Korean television as an example of the country’s technological capabilities. Running a version of Android, … Continue reading

New iPad Mini launch set to coincide with new Apple ebook push?

The latest iPad Mini rumour is that the new device will have a strong focus on Apple’s iBooks (via), including a possible iBooks 3 launch that could include various new features. None of this would be hugely surprising, and it’s still very much just a rumour, but Apple arguably needs to refresh its book-related line-up … Continue reading

New txtr Beagle e-reader set to retail for just €9.90, but at what cost to functionality?

Okay, it’s not how they’re promoting it, but the new txtr Beagle e-reader, unveiled at the Frankfurt Book Fair, looks set to be the world’s first truly disposable e-reader. By that, I mean that it’s so cheap that you can accidentally leave it on the bus and not get too upset. The device has been … Continue reading

Barnes & Noble finalizes details of tie-up with Microsoft, names new venture Nook Media

Barnes & Noble and Microsoft have announced that their tie-up, which was previously known as Newco, is going ahead under the name Nook Media. The new set-up will incorporate the digital and college elements of B&N’s business, and will be strongly linked to B&N’s retail outlets. What exactly does this mean? The press release mentions … Continue reading

Paypal policy update bans users from joining class action cases, unless they opt out by snail mail

Since many authors use Paypal, this story’s worth reporting here: Paypal is launching an update to its policy, which means users will in most circumstances not be allowed to join class-action lawsuits against the company. It’s possible to opt out of this part of the agreement… but you have to do that part snail mail … Continue reading

Coming soon? Fujitsu working on technology that allows users to control ereaders using eye movements

Here’s a video showcasing some startling new technology from Fujitsu and Docomo. The I Beam allows users to control a device such as an ereader using eye movements. The system works by tracking the movement of the eye and using this to determine where on the screen the cursor should go. I Beam works using … Continue reading

Barnes & Noble launches new Nook HD and HD+ tablets

Barnes & Noble has announced two new Nook tablets. The Nook HD is a 7-inch device with a 1440×900 screen resolution and 8GB ($200) and 16GB ($230) options, while the Nook HD+ has a 1920×1280 screen resolution and comes in 16GB ($269) and 32GB ($299) versions. They will be sold alongside the Nook Tablet, and … Continue reading

Apple launches four-inch iPhone 5, but where’s the wow factor?

Apple has finally unveiled the iPhone 5. It’s thinner, lighter and has a few new features and improvements over previous models. But so far, the whole thing seems a little underwhelming. It’s not that Apple has done anything wrong with the iPhone 5; it’s more than there’s nothing conspicuously new or exciting about it. It’s … Continue reading

Major GoDaddy outage takes down many websites, including Goodreads

A major outage has knocked down many GoDaddy-hosted websites, apparently including big-hitters such as Goodreads. TechCrunch claims that millions of websites have been hit, and that members of Anonymous have claimed responsibility. The precise nature of the incident is unclear, but various reports claim that GoDaddy-hosted email services are down as well as sites using … Continue reading

Barnes and Noble to launch new Windows 8 Nook later this month?

Unsurprisingly, Barnes & Noble is reportedly readying a new Nook, which could be announced as early as this week. As ever, there are plenty of rumours flying about, but there’s one that’s particularly interesting: the new Nook could be set to ditch Android in favour of running Windows 8. Barnes & Noble hooked up with … Continue reading

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