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Review: The First Confessor by Terry Goodkind (4.5 stars)

Setting out a crucial part of the backstory to the Sword of Truth, The First Confessor tells the story of Magda Searus. The death of her husband leads Magda to attempt to follow him into the next life, but at the last moment she discovers a note that persuades her to take a different course. … Continue reading

Review: Raven’s Shadow Book One – Blood Song by Anthony Ryan (4.5 stars)

Vaelin Al Sorna, Brother of the Sixth Order, is a great warrior, but he is beginning to wonder if the latest battle is driven by honour or something more sinister. As he struggles to determine the truth, Vaelin must decide whether to accept his fate or strike out on his own path. Raven’s Shadow Book … Continue reading

Review: My Sparkling Misfortune (The Lakeland Knights #1) by Laura Lond (4 stars)

When Lord Arkus of Blackriver Castle sets out to get his revenge on the heroic Prince Kellemar, he reckons without the ‘help’ of a Sparkling. Bound to Arkus for five years, the Sparkling is bound to do good and help Arkus, but this help isn’t what Arkus had in mind at all. My Sparkling Misfortune … Continue reading

Review: Mageborn – The Blacksmith’s Son (Book 1) by Michael G. Manning (3 stars)

The son of a blacksmith, Mordecai seems set for a traditional and somewhat boring life until he discovers that he has a very special birthright. Soon, Mordecai is thrust into a dark plot that threatens to undermine the Kingdom of Lothion entirely. His magical powers developing, Mordecai must come to terms with his new abilities … Continue reading

Review: The Beautiful Land by Alan Averill (4 stars)

One of the finalists for the 2012 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, Alan Averill’s The Beautiful Land is a fast-paced fantasy romance about two people who are desperately in love. Tak O’Leary and Samira Moheb are in love, but they seem unable to admit this to one another. Fortunately, there’s a time machine buried in the … Continue reading

Review: The Aduramis Chronicles – Destiny of the Wulf by Harrison Davies (4.5 stars)

The Aduramis Chronicles – Destiny of the Wulf is the story of Coinin and Marrok, two brothers who are thrust into a world of magic. Destined since birth to play a pivotal role in their world’s future, the brothers are now approaching the age at which they must take their rightful place. The Swords of … Continue reading

Review: A Warrior’s Tale (Imago Chronicles Book One) by Lorna T. Suzuki (4.5 stars)

One of the most important things for any fantasy series is to establish a powerful and memorable protagonist, and this is one of the key strengths of Lorna T. Suzuki’s Imago Chronicles lead character Nayla Treeborn. Tough and powerful in a very believable way, Treeborn is an appealing figure who provides both the heart and … Continue reading

Review: Alice in Deadland by Mainak Dhar (2 stars)

A mash-up of zombie novels and Alice in Wonderland might sound pretty enticing, and Alice in Deadland certainly starts with a ripping pace and some great moments. All of which made the gradual deflation of my interest in the story both disappointing and surprising. This seemed to me to be a book full of ideas, … Continue reading

Review: Switched (Trylle Trilogy #1) by Amanda Hocking (3 stars)

Amanda Hocking’s Switched, the first volume in the Trylle Trilogy series, is the story of Wendy, a girl whose life doesn’t really make sense. Even her own mother tries to stab her to death! As Wendy grows older, she starts to realise that there might be something very strange about her existence, and dark secrets … Continue reading

Review: My Blood Approves by Amanda Hocking (3 stars)

One of the key indie texts of the past few years, My Blood Approves helped push Amanda Hocking into the spotlight and was a key marker of the high tide of indie vampire romance novels. That tide seems to have gone down a little, but Hocking is still a big name in the indie world … Continue reading

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