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Review: Anything He Wants 2 – All’s Fair (Dominated By the Billionaire) by Sara Fawkes (3 stars)

Lucy Delacourt is heading to Paris in the sequel to Sara Fawkes’ hugely successful Anything He Wants. This time, Lucy has more or less sold her body (and perhaps her soul) to billionaire Jeremiah Hamilton, but she’s determined to set some boundaries and to avoid some of the worst excesses of Parisian life. Of course, … Continue reading

Review: By His Desire by Kate Grey (3 stars)

Keith Logan is in love with Sarah Harper, but while Keith is used to getting what he wants thanks to his money, Sarah seems determined to resist his charms. But Keith wants at least one week with Sarah, if not more, and he’s willing to go to any lengths to get his heart’s desire. The … Continue reading

Review: Seduced by the Billionaire’s Brother (Bound to a Billionaire book 3) by Sophie Newsome (4.5 stars)

In the latest part of what is rapidly becoming my favourite billionaire erotica series (although that’s not quite the compliment it might seem to be), Rachel Shaw finds herself being seduced by her billionaire husband’s brother. Cue a rather steamy and impromptu photo shoot and some fairly brutal sex on the marital bed. Seduced by … Continue reading

Review: The Billionaire’s Wife (Bound to a Billionaire book 2) by Sophie Newsome (4.5 stars)

Having met billionaire Greyson Lockhart in the first book, Rachel Shaw is now married to the man as the second book opens. But problems are already arising, as Rachel fears that Greyson is starting to fall for his assistant Marja. Can Rachel ensure that her marriage survives? This book is like Sara Fawkes’ Dominated by … Continue reading

Review: Anything He Wants 3 – Love and War (Dominated by the Billionaire) by Sara Fawkes (3 stars)

Lucy is still in Paris in this third instalment of the popular ‘billionaire erotica’ series. But as she tests her leash and tries to work out what freedoms – if any – she’ll be granted by Jeremiah, it becomes apparent that she’s forming a genuine attachment to him. Will she stay loyal, or will Jeremiah’s … Continue reading

Review: Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvain Reynard (4.5 stars)

The story of Professor Gabriel Emerson’s growing love affair with a pupil, Gabriel’s Inferno is a perfect example of how character-driven erotica is generally far more powerful than books that simply describe the mechanics of lovers’ encounters with one another. As Gabriel is drawn closer to Julia, it becomes apparent that their love will be … Continue reading

Review: Seducing Sarah (The Madame X School of Sex) by Jinx Jamison (3.5 stars)

Sarah Caldwell’s dull life is about to get shaken up when she enters the Madame X sex school. She has been secretly lusting after her boss, Quinn, for years. Perhaps some time at the school will awaken her sexual identity? But there’s a surprise in store for Sarah when she discovers the identity of the … Continue reading

Review: Bared to You – A Crossfire Novel by Sylvia Day (4 stars)

Described by some as “the next Fifty Shades of Grey“, Sylvia Day’s Bared to You is the story of two very damaged people. Very, very damaged, as it happens. Eva and Gideon share an instant physical attraction, but it quickly becomes clear that any attempt to keep their relationship casual is doomed. Ultimately, this is … Continue reading

Review: Gabriel’s Rapture by Sylvain Reynard (3.5 stars)

Professor Gabriel Emerson is in the grip of a passionate affair with a former pupil. But while they can hide out for a while in an idyllic Italian home, eventually they have to return to the real world, where Emerson’s university is aware of what has been happening. Can Emerson and his lover, Julia, survive … Continue reading

Review: Fifty Shades Freed by E.L. James (3 stars)

The Fifty Shades trilogy concludes with Christian and Ana seemingly poised to enjoy the perfect life together. All they have to do is ensure that the ghosts of their respective pasts don’t come back to haunt them. Cue a series of dramatic revelations that threaten to tear the couple apart and lead them to darker … Continue reading

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