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Philip M. Parker uses algorithm to generate hundreds of thousands of ebooks

This story isn’t entirely new, but as computing power increases we’re likely to see such things happening more frequently: thanks to a system that algorithmically compiles data into book format, a professor from the INSEAD business school has created hundreds of thousands of ebooks that can be purchased from Amazon. Philip M. Parker has been … Continue reading

Psy’s Gangnam Style shows that copyright infringement can be a boost

A lot of people knew this already, but the recent success of Psy’s Gangnam Style video has arguably demonstrated yet again that copyright infringement can actually boost the performance of a media product. As Techdirt notes, Psy has enjoyed huge success – and raked in a lot of money – thanks, in part, to his … Continue reading

Amazon launches Chinese Kindle store, but faces possible regulatory problems

Amazon has finally launched its long-awaited Chinese Kindle store, but there’s a catch: the store isn’t actually selling physical Kindles, but instead encourages Chinese users to download customized iOS and Android apps. The store apparently has roughly 22,000 Chinese-language Kindle titles, with no sign so far that indie Kindle books are on the way. The … Continue reading

Ganxy offering new bundling opportunities for authors

One of the big stories of 2012 has been the growing popularity of bundle offers, whereby customers are offered a group of products at a discounted price. The likes of Humble Bundle have shown that this sales model can work for ebooks, and now Ganxy is making it easier (via) for authors (including indie authors) … Continue reading

Borrows worth $1.90 for KDP Select authors in November

The KDP Select borrow rate for November 2012 was $1.90, according to Amazon. That’s the lowest figure since January, with the rate having hovered a little over the $2 mark for the rest of the year. Given the size of the ‘pot’ made available to cover borrows, that suggests there was a rise in the … Continue reading

Musician Mike Doughty offers hyper-personalization for fans, but would the same strategy work with books?

US singer-songwriter Mike Doughty, formerly of the band Soul Coughing, has come up with a pretty novel offering for his fans: for $543.09, he’ll record a personalized version of his new song “Dogs / Demons” directly into a voice recorder, and then send the recorder (with the song, obviously) to the customer. In other words, … Continue reading

Are dead people ‘liking’ Facebook pages?

While many authors and brand managers are keen to amass as many ‘likes’ as possible on Facebook, ReadWrite has an interesting story in which it’s claimed that a dead user was allegedly ‘liking’ pages several months after his passing! The gist of the story is that a Facebook user alleges that one of his friends … Continue reading

Interview with District One author Blaize Nolynne

Blaize Nolynne, author of the District One books, talks about her approach to writing and her plans for the future. Why do you write? Is it something you’ve always done, or always wanted to do? Or is it something that you started fairly recently? I write to entertain myself and 9 out of 10 times … Continue reading

Amazon launches Canadian Kindle store

Amazon has launched a Canadian Kindle store, offering Kindle ebooks direct to Canadian customers for the first time (rather than making them go through the .com site). The move hasn’t yet been mentioned in a press release, but the new store seems to have gone live some time in the past twenty-four hours. Kindles aren’t … Continue reading

Nancy Huston wins Literary Review’s Bad Sex award

Nancy Huston has won this year’s Bad Sex award, for her novel Infrared. Only the third woman to win the prize in its twenty-year history, and she has the disadvantage (or advantage?) of writing primarily in French and then translating her work into English. Although she was unable to attend the prize-giving ceremony in person, … Continue reading

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